Growers and Partners

Feast On

What makes our pizzas and sandwiches so special is our commitment to using locally sourced ingredients from farms across the St. Lawrence Lowlands. 

This commitment is reflected in our achievement of Feast On certification. Managed by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, Feast On highlights restaurants that are committed to sourcing Ontario grown food & drink. The goal of the program is to highlight Ontario's food culture and to create new cooperative opportunities for the agriculture and hospitality industries. We are proud to be one of approximately 150 actively Feast On certified restaurants in Ontario! You can learn more about Feast On through the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance's website

City of Greens

Located in Bowmanville, Ontario, City of Greens is a small-scale, regenerative, locally-focused farm specializing in leafy greens and market garden fruits and veggies. 

Their veggies and greens make for great toppings on our wood-fired pizzas! Check out their website to learn more about their dedication to growing fresh, high-quality food in southwestern Ontario.

Graze and Gather

Graze and Gather is a community of farmers, retailers, and distributors of local, diverse ingredients based in Orono, Ontario. They help aggregate ingredients from various farms across the province, making distribution to restaurants (like us!) more efficient.

Graze and Gather also help farmers gain access to local markets, better connecting producers and consumers. We rely on them to deliver us many of our locally-sourced ingredients for our pizzas and sandwiches! Visit Graze and Gather's website to have your local food supply delivered right to your door!