If your someone who would like to have wood-fire cuisine available in your own backyard, then we can help. We have built a number of backyard and mobile wood-fire ovens and are well experienced in the designs and features needed to ensure that your backyard oven looks great and cooks great! If interested please contact us to start the conversation.

Why choose our ovens? cottage oven

There is a lot that goes into ensuring a wood fire oven is constructed correctly. The materials used, the foundation, the insulation techniques, the ovens dimensions and the chimney placement are crucial in building a great oven. Our experience ensures that the oven we build performs the way you want it to and is structurally sound in order to function for decades.

Since we focus on custom ovens, we help our customers get the right oven for their backyard vision. We get excited about building ovens that are unique and look forward to working with our customers vision to ensure the creation of a beautiful oven that performs great.

Lastly, we offer a full service, building the foundation, surrounding landscape, table tops, and roofing if desired.

Get into wood-fire cooking! 

When we first built the oven in our backyard, I’ll admit, I thought we would just use it a handful of times and then forget about it, but, that is not at all what happened! Cooking with our wood-fire oven has brought a new flavour (pun intended) to our households interest in cooking and has made the cooking experience much more social and interactive. There is so much variety and experimentation that can be done with these ovens. It naturally brings out people’s curiosity and creativity.

Our process 

#1 Give us a call or send us a message

To get the ball rolling, give us a call or send us an email to briefly discuss your ideas for a backyard oven. Once we start the conversation, we usually offer pointers on certain considerations before deciding on an oven. These often include: municipal regulations, oven size, material preferences, and oven positioning.

#2 Site visit 

Once we have a basic idea of your vision for a backyard oven we set up a visit in order to check out the location and talk about design aspects with you and help address and concerns you may have.

#3 Free 3D design and quote joe:susans oven-woodtables

After speaking with you – we provide you with a 3D model of your specific oven and a quote. This allows you to have a good understanding of what the oven will look like in your backyard space. It also allows us to make any adjustments needed to ensure we are on the same page before oven construction.

#4 Construction 

Construction of a backyard wood-fire oven takes between 1-4 weeks depending on the specifics of the project. Not all this time is spent on site as the ovens require three different stages of dry time for materials to harden. Additionally, once construction is complete, the oven has to be cured for at least a week before you are ready to cook.

#5 Wood-fire social! Catered by Lowlands Fire FoodservingPizza

One of the advantages of using us to build the oven is that we offer to cater your first wood-fire social using your newly constructed backyard oven! Our team at Lowlands Fire Food, will come to your place to cook up some of our best recipes for a group of your family and friends. This gives you the opportunity to learn various wood-fire cooking techniques and the peace of mind that the oven is fully functional!


If you have any questions or are ready to take the first step in your own backyard oven please contact us. 

Some of our oven projects: 


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