The mission of Lowlands Fire Food is to build demand for food that is healthy for people and planet. Luckily, these two things go together and are largely dependent on the same thing, soil health! (Check out Regeneration Canada or Kiss the Ground for more info on this).

Our soil is not doing so good in the St. Lawrence Lowlands region according to this data from Agriculture Canada, which shows large decreases in soil organic matter in the last half century, mainly due to changes in farming practises. This is not good for our foods nutrient levels, our water restoration cycle, or for our resilience to extreme weather patterns.

It is clear that our food choices have a profound impact on our health and our environment, which is why we have made guidelines to help us when making our menu.


Following these guidelines we hope to have the following impact:

  • Promotion of our local farmers.
  • Promotion of organic and regenerative farming.
  • Increased consumer awareness of the impact of their food choices.
  • Creation of delicious, nutrient rich, meals that are irresistible!

In addition, following these guidelines force us to have a dynamic menu that changes as in-seasonal crops change. It also makes us more attuned to the needs of farmers (as soil health is a strong determinant in creating healthy food and a healthy landscape) we must incorporate diverse ingredients depending on the farms soil needs for crop rotation and biodiversity.

Lastly, as we implement these guidelines and learn more, it is possible that the guidelines will change to better fulfill our mission of building demand for food that is healthy for people and planet!