Wood-fire pizza

Using our tried and true homemade pizza sauce and dough we customize our menu for each event depending on what local produce is in season. We like to offer our customers 2-3 pizza options at every event. This always includes a vegetarian option and an option for those who prefer meat. Here are some of…

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Book Us!

Our wood-fire catering trailer is designed to serve a variety of events, everything from backyard parties, weddings and birthdays to music festivals, fairs and community events. If you send an email to max@lowlandsfirefood.ca to start the conversation we will get back to you quickly with our availability, menu options, prices and answer any questions about…

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Lowlands Menu Project

Our food choices have a big impact on not only our personal health but also the health of our environment. Lowlands’ mission is to build demand for food that is healthy for people and planet and this is how we are working towards that goal.

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