2018 Inaugural Season

Big Papi’s is back! But with a bigger and better catering trailer and a new focus.

In 2015, after finishing my 4th year of university I founded Big Papi’s Wood Fire Pizza, which consisted of a wood fire oven, built by my dad and myself, on a mobile wood-fire trailer (see photo below).

2015-06-08 07.51.24

For 6 months I operated this trailer, catering festivals and sporting events in the Ottawa area. In those 6 months we received great feedback on our food and initiative in creating such a unique operation.

However, I had the belief that I could make more money and work less by putting my business degree to work with a corporate job in the city, so I sold the trailer after those 6 months and moved to Toronto.

After working a corporate sales job in the city for 2 years, for no reason in particular, I started reading books on agriculture and our global food system. The more I learned about the faults of our global food system, which have profound effects on our health and the health of our planet, the more I wanted to do something about it.

This led me to the creation of Lowlands Fire Food. Due to my previous experience with wood-fire catering, my aim is to build the strength of our local small-scale organic and ecological farmers through the promotion of their food with my catering. The global food supply system is responsible for approximately half of greenhouse gases. If we were to take advantage of the food that the southern Ontario landscape can produce while promoting farmers that use ecological methods which are actually good for the planet, this would go a long way to mitigating the effects of climate change. And we would be healthier for doing it!

Lowlands Fire Food’s planned launch date is the first week of July 2018, upon completion of the new wood-fire catering trailer.

Throughout the summer of 2018 I will be visiting ecological farming leaders in the Durham and Kawartha areas. The aim is to use these farmers to craft a delicious menu of nutrient rich ingredients while also reporting back on the insights obtained about the effects well-grown food has on our health and the health of our planet.

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